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2023 jún 05 (hétfő) Zárva
Karol Bagh


Mr.Masala, a dream of its owner, founded in 2013 in Óbuda. The word Masala means spice.
Its focus on top quality, always fresh product, value, great service and community leadership along with social networking has allowed it to grow into the largest quick service restaurant in Budapest.
In its very first year Mr.Masala started with a Limited food items in its menu. But as consumer tastes grew, so did the choices at our restaurant as well expanded.

India is like Europe. A hodgepodge of cultures, distinct yet sharing a common lineage. Same for cuisine. Indian cuisine is hard to sample via just one dish. The country is very diverse, and thus the cuisine differs from north to south, from east to west.

In India, recipes are handed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation.
Most of the spices used in Indian cooking were chosen originally (thousands of years ago) for their medicinal qualities rather than for flavor. Many of them such as turmeric, cloves and cardamoms are very antiseptic, others like ginger, are carminative and good for the digestion.

An authentic Indian curry is an intricate combination of a stir-fried masala – a mixture of onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes; various spices and seasonings with which meat; poultry, vegetables or fish is prepared to produce a stew-type dish.

Those of you who are already familiar with the art Indian cooking you will find that Mr.Masala has unique variations of the traditional favorites and much more.

Always remember the following, with Indian cusine you usually eat with your hands, and hardly touch the cutlery, and most importantly mithai (sweet treats or just sweets) are meant to be consumed with the meal not as a dessert, this helps balance out the heat. Raita (yogurt based dish) is also good to battle the spice.

Enjoy your meal at Mr.Masala which with its great food is still very family oriented.

Bon Apetit!


Karol Bagh Indiai Étterem
1074 Budapestm Dob u 53.
+36 (30) 599 0509







Cím: 1074 Budapest, Dob utca 63.

- 120 m-re az étteremtől,
  nagyjából 2 perc sétatávolságra
- 3 szintes mélygarázs
- 480 Ft/óra






- Reggel 08:00 és este 20:00 között

- A parkolás díja

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Karol Bagh